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Affiliati Network Announces Major Rebrand

January 9, 2023

New logo & website represent the Company’s trailblazing approach to Performance Marketing 


The Affiliati Network, the leading performance marketing network for affiliate marketers and advertisers, announced today an overhaul and refresh of their brand that represents their spirit of excellence and better aligns with the company’s growth and future.


“When we first started Affiliati, we set out to help great companies grow, and provide the highest level of performance and client service for both our Affiliate & Advertiser partners,” said Sonny Palta, Founder and CEO of Affiliati. “That mindset has helped us achieve over a decade of growth, and we have been blessed to add some of the most innovative & talented minds in the industry to our team over the years.  As we continue our mission to redefine the performance marketing industry, we exude optimism and an insatiable appetite for results.  Our new brand is reflective of these ideals. Optimism in our clients, in our people, and in new products and services we are developing to fulfill our goal: to solve customer acquisition challenges by enabling dynamic partnerships.”


The rebrand includes an updated logo that subtly captures the notion of stability and performance, and new brand colors of ocean and sky blue that align with the company’s roots in Santa Barbara and Miami Beach culture.  A new website has also been launched that will evolve to become a comprehensive source of information for both our affiliates and advertisers.


The Affiliati Network has been on a continual path of serving up new products and services for both affiliates and advertisers throughout their history. The rebrand coincides with recent significant initiatives, including the launch of OMNI Clinical Research, a new operated web asset that streamlines the patient recruitment process for clinical research patient recruitment & new drug development, as well as a partnership with Main Street Capital in late 2021.   


Concluded Mr. Palta: ”Our steadfast commitment to providing unparalleled customer service & results will continue to be our guiding principle through the next iteration of Affiliati.”


About Affiliati Network


Founded in 2011 and based in Santa Barbara, CA, Affiliati Network has established itself as the leading performance marketing network in the world, with a proven track record of delivering high-quality traffic to the largest brands in the world.


As a bridge between advertisers seeking new digital customers and performance marketers who deliver those customers, Affiliati launches, manages, and scales affiliate marketing programs that drive growth through performance-based strategies in web-based, SMS, Pay Per Call, and e-mail channels. 


Affiliati has built a robust, service-oriented marketplace in over 30 verticals to help facilitate more successful relationships between advertisers and affiliate marketers.  Through its partnership with Main Street Capital, Affiliati is positioned for significant growth by continuing to focus on value-added offerings for its advertisers and affiliate partners.


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Katie Walleck

The Affiliati Network

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