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Affiliati Network Launches OMNI Clinical Research Solutions (OMNI CRS)

January 8, 2023

Innovative product leads to greater efficiency in patient recruitment for clinical trials


The Affiliati Network, the leading performance marketing hub for affiliate marketers and advertisers, announced a new independently operated web asset that will streamline the patient recruitment process for Clinical Research Patient Recruitment & New Drug Development. OMNI Clinical Research Solutions gives web visitors access to US Clinical Research opportunities through a single unified website & database. With this new approach, patient recruitment efforts are streamlined for both marketers and recruitment organizations.


OMNI Clinical Research Solutions solves the patient recruitment problem for any research study looking for responsive, engaged referrals who fit the demographic scope & parameters of their study. Built by industry veterans who understand the patient recruitment market and leveraged by the largest recruitment companies in the world, OMNI is well positioned to become a critical resource for new treatment development.


Through OMNI, Affiliates can run a nationwide, broad-targeted campaign for the Clinical lead-generation sector.  This opens the Clinical Research vertical to multiple traffic channels that lack the inherent capability of geographic targeting within their advertisements, a key component to maximizing the ROI of any marketing efforts.


OMNI creates a multi-dimensional approach to building a robust online presence. Digital marketing channels include, but are not limited to, social media (Facebook, Tik Tok, Instagram, Snap Chat), email, text, display/native banner ads, and Google.


This product launch transforms the experience for marketers in finding qualified candidates. Not only does it increase exposure online, but provides patient education on the clinical research process, helping accelerate the recruitment process and down-funnel First Office Visits (FOVs), Consents, and Randomizations.


“It’s long been a goal at Affiliati to have a positive impact on patient recruitment for the clinical trial sector.  Through OMNI, clinical research organizations are empowered to attract more of the right kind of patients that meet the defined criteria, enabling them to efficiently run more effective research & development studies which lead to better outcomes throughout the entire healthcare system,” stated Sonny Palta, founder, and CEO of Affiliati Network.


OMNI Clinical Research Services is set to begin December 1st, available to Affiliates/Publishers on The Affiliati Network.  Placement of research studies on the OMNI platform is available for interested Recruitment Organizations / Pharmaceutical companies looking for patient recruitment. Reach out to your account manager, or the below contact information.


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