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Pay-Per-Call Marketing Services

March 31, 2023

Affiliati Network introduces pay-per-call program to lead call-based performance campaigns


The Affiliati Network announces new partnership with Ringba, a pay-per-call platform. Affiliati originally welcomed the addition of pay-per-call marketing services in November of 2022. Pay-Per-Call (PPC) is a performance marketing strategy in which potential customers are driven to advertisers (products-services sellers) using voice telephony inbound calling initiated through affiliate marketing (publisher) campaigns. A customer receives an email, SMS, or social media marketing advertisement from an affiliate marketer that includes an inquiry phone number. When the customer places a call, the call is routed through Ringba, which is the inbound call tracking platform, before being seamlessly redirected to the advertiser’s call center. The customer’s call action is tracked and provided to Cake with complete insight into call conversions.  


Affiliati uses the program in numerous verticals within insurance, personal loan and debt services, home improvement, healthcare, addiction treatment, mass torts, and personal injury.  


The Pay-Per-Call initiative allows advertisers seeking increased advertising budgets with a larger pool of affiliate marketers to market their products and services, improving advertiser revenue or recruitment participation. Advertisers can acquire customers through click-based and/or call-based (pay-per-call) campaigns, selecting the strategy that best fits their unique goals and ultimately increasing their final revenue targets.   


 “We’re thrilled to launch this partnership with Ringba as we’ve seen significant growth in the pay-per-call market with an increased number of publishers wanting the opportunity to enhance their income by incorporating pay-per-call techniques into their current messaging. They’ve seen significant growth in campaigns by combining click-based and call-based,” said Sonny Palta, Founder and CEO of Affiliati Network.  


About Affiliati Network


Founded in 2011 and based in Santa Barbara, CA, Affiliati ( is a leading performance-based, online marketing company that acts as an affiliate network. Affiliate networks are platforms that bridge the gap between advertisers seeking customer leads and affiliates who place ads to deliver sales traffic. Affiliati’s traffic sources include Web based, SMS and E-mail, and its primary verticals include health and wellness, e-commerce, anti-virus, clinical trials and financial services. Through its partnership with Main Street, which incepted in August 2021, Affiliati has access to a financial partner capable of providing liquidity to assist with organic growth initiatives as well as strategic acquisitions.


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